Brain Blast 2019: The Aftermath

Brain Blast 2019 was an outstanding success for EBRL!


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The team was there, bright and early before all of the patrons, setting up our stations, a fun journey through the reading brain. We brought our handy-dandy “portable MRI” so the kids could all see what it was like to be a part of one of our research studies, and played they scanner noises so people could know what an MRI sounded like. Then, they got to color their way through each part of the reading network, and play a fun game for each part! At the very end, they got to even make their own reading network. The day was filled with fun and learning about the brain and the visitors never stopped!

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Not to worry if you missed the event this year, there’s always the next! We will definitely be there!

EBRL at the 25th Annual SSSR Meeting in Toronto (July 19-20/19)

Members from the lab are set to attend and present at the conference this year!

Conference: SSSR (2019) in Toronto
Symposium Title: The interaction of domain-general mechanisms and reading development: from word to text
Chair: Katherine Aboud
Authors: Sayako Earle, Tin Nguyen, Tehil Nugiel, and Katherine Aboud
Discussant: Laurie Cutting

Abstract: Recent evidence increasingly points to domain-general processes, such as executive functions and memory, as critical to reading development. This symposium will present diverse evidence for the flexible, multi-dimensional nature of domain-general contributions to developmental reading skill, from single word reading to full texts. Specifically, the authors will discuss (1.) the dependence of reading acquisition on procedural/declarative memory, (2.) the predictive relationship of executive functions on reading fluency in complex texts, (3.) the recruitment of domain-general areas during sentence comprehension as a key predictor of intervention gains in struggling readers, and (4.) the recruitment of distinct domain-general brain networks for different text types. Each talk will speak to how non-language processes help scaffold reading ability, and will provide evidence that the presence/absence of this domain-general scaffolding is a key factor in reading outcomes across different reading processes.


Find out more about the conference here:

EBRL in the News: NICHD Puts Spotlight on Young People with NF1

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Health and Human Development recently featured EBRL with this tweet:

Citing this article:

Referencing to our continuing campaign recruiting young children with Neurofibromatosis 1 for our research study. We thank them for highlighting one of our current studies and hope it continues to attract more families to contact us for participation. If you are interested, please read the short article above highlighting our NF1 project and if you would like to participate, please contact us by email or phone (contact information is available at the bottom of the page and on our “Contact Us” page).


For more information on our current studies, please visit:

Current Study Flyers

Congratulations to –Dr.– Stephen Bailey! (Oct. 25th.)


As we all know, the life of a grad or phd student is a difficult one. Much of your time is spent delicately balancing life and important research that will far outlive you. Many days and nights are spent on the edge of delirium and sleep deprivation, all to get that degree and learn a little more. One person in our lab has neared the end of this chapter of his education and we couldn’t be happier to our very own – Doctor – Stephen Kent Bailey. Although you may be leaving our lab soon, you’ll be taking our well wishes with you, along with our undying knowledge that you will continue to succeed and exceed our wildest hopes for you.

Congratulations on your accomplishment from everyone here at EBRL Dr. Bailey!

Laurie Cutting to be awarded Women in Cognitive Sciences Leadership Award 2018


In acknowledgement of her efforts to advance the success of women in Cognitive Science, Dr. Cutting has been selected to receive a Leadership award from Women in Cognitive Science (WiCS), just prior to the start of the 2018 Psychonomic Society Meeting in New Orleans.

WiCS has instituted a Leadership Award to recognize initiatives that individuals have taken, beyond their own students and labs, to benefit women in cognitive science more broadly.

Dr. Cutting is one of two winners this year; the inaugural year of the award.


Laurie Cutting Honored with NIH Merit Award

Read the full article here :

Laurie Cutting, Vanderbilt educational neuroscientist, honored with NIH Merit Award

by  Oct. 5, 2018, 8:22 AM

EBRL’s own Dr. Laurie Cutting is to be awarded with the NIH Merit Award; an award created in 1986 designed to create long-term funding support to particularly outstanding investigators. Unlike most grant awards, the MERIT award cannot be applied for by the investigator, meaning only the most distinctly outstanding researchers are awarded it.


As reported in the article above: “(Dr.)…Cutting is among only 33 Vanderbilt researchers to have received an NIH Merit Award, and one of only 5 women.”