EBRL Says Goodbye (for now) to Julie and Laura

Long-time lab members say their goodbyes this month as they continue on their separate journeys in life. We’ve spent many a time reminiscing over the past month and can’t tell you just how much a pleasure they’ve been in the lab over these years. Although we hate to see them go, they both know we’ll never be more than a phone call or text away.

Words are seldom enough to describe what they’ve meant to us, but we all know they’ll always be with us even as the lab continues on without them. Farewell (for now) Julie and Laura, we’ll see you again soon!

If you’ve used Julie in the past to contact and communicate with the lab, please reach out via the lab email at educationbrain@vanderbilt.edu. It’ll be a period of transition in the oncoming weeks, but someone will always be at the helm of that email to help facilitate contact with the lab.